During the build of the Agora Models 1:8 scale Ferrari LaFerrari we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageGeneral ContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Front Nose3300
02Driver's Seat4722
03Front Splitter, Aileron, Tyre31057
04Rear Left Wheel Rim21207
06Bonnet Details217413
07Engine Airbox320013
08Left-Hand Head Cover1535013
09Right-Hand Head Cover4378013
10Front Air Intakes684518
11Bonnet Strut488119
12Front Left Tyre189019
13Passenger's Seat493221
15Sports Controls4103533
16Internal Structures10113740
17Front Right Tyre1114040
18Front Right Wheel Rim2116040
20Cooling System5122648
21Luggage Compartment2124250
22Rear Right Wheel Rim2126050
23Right Rear Tyre1127050
24Rear Window Bezel, Seat Belts3130353
25Rear Window, Alternator4134053
26Motor Base, Starter3137255
27Engine Block, Oil Filter2139055
28Potentiometers, Right Cylinder Bank3142257
29Left, Cylinder Bank, Pulleys3145461
30Gearbox, Clutch2147465
31Timing Cover, Water Pump9156065
33Central Transmission4159271
34Crankshaft Pulley, Water Pump5164071
35Right Exhaust Manifold5169071
36Left Exhaust Manifold6175071
37Left Exhaust System5180374
38Right Exhaust System8188377
39Ignition System5193481
40Rear Frame4197990
41Rear Mudguards1321010100
42Rear Suspension (1)212318108
43Rear Suspension (2)623714122
44Rear Right Brake Disc22394126
45Rear Left Brake Disc22414130
46Rear Left Radiator72480130
47Ventilation System62540130
48Rear Right Radiator92630130
49Rear Left Side Panels22656136
50Rear Right Side Panels22676142
51Main Chassis42718150
52Steering System92803153
53Front Suspension263068161
54Front Left Brake23086167
55Front Right Brake130916183
56Interior Light and Switches93182185
57Windshield, Sun Visors63246191
58Fuel Cap, Charging Socket33270191
59Right Door (1)23292193
60Right Door (2)33324197
61Right Door (3)43366203
62Right Door (4)43400203
63Left Door (1)33432205
64Left Door (2)33464209
65Left Door (3)43506215
66Left Door (4)33532217
67Circuit Board235511228
68Door Control Motors736215243
69Rear Left Fender13630243
70Rear Right Fender13640243
71Front Frames53698251
72Front Left Wheel Arch13700251
73Front Right Wheel Arch537520271
74Front Left Lining23777278
75Front Right Lining23797285
76Front Mesh Frames23814289
78Front Mudguards23866299
80Diffuser Panels33956313
81Mobile Wing33980313
82Tail Details44023316
83Tail Details (2)104128324
84Rear Lights54170324
85Exhaust Tailpipes64230324
86Active Diffusers442714338
87Oil Vapour Tank74310338
88Hy-KERS Converter84390338
89Left Air Filter34420338
90Right Air Filter34450338
91Inverter Cooling Unit34480338
92Front Undertray545310348
93Remote Control154685353
94Rear Undertray84766359
95Battery Compartment134892 + J + AA
96Rear Boot44934
97Rear Boot Interior1050314
98Intake Ducts450721
99Rear Boot Glass150817
100Side Mirrors251023