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“The parts supplied with this first stage are the upper panel of the nose, the badge of the Maranello company (with the famous black
prancing horse on a yellow background) that is mounted on it, and the rear plate.




Materials: Normally on my build sites, I use this line to share what the various parts in each stage are made out of. However, since the parts list images already show the materials this line will not exist in future stages.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – click to download)

Agora Models consolidates the build instructions for Pack 1 (Stages 01 – 08) into a single digital PDF file:


  • PH0 Screwdriver


All screws for the entire build are included with this first stage and are described in full on my Screws page. They are sorted into marked bags and designated with a one or two character ‘Type’ code ranging from A to CC. There does not appear to be any Type J screws.

Model Guide

A four-page brochure describing the model in detail:


A full-color 841 x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4 in) poster suitable for mounting on the wall nicely:


Front Nose and Badge

Step 1

Firmly press the keyed post of the Ferrari Badge into the matching hole at this location of the Front Nose, as shown.

Using tweezers can help with step. If you find this fitment loose, use a tiny drop of super glue to secure the Badge in place:


I have been looking forward to building a Ferrari partwork for a long time and we have finally started the journey! This is also the first partwork I have ever started where all of the screws are provided in advance – this is a superb idea and I would love to see others follow suit.

The first thing that hit me while starting this model was the incredible paintwork. The red is brilliant, smooth, and glossy. The interior of panels are flat matte black as per the real car. I am hoping this detail keeps up as it could overtake how impressed I was with my 1:8 Miura build.

While this first stage was short, it presents us with the iconic F1-inspired nose section of the LaFerrari. Keep this Front Nose assembly nearby as we will add parts to it in Stage 03. However, the unused Rear Plate can be stored safely until we need it later in the build.

Next Up

 Stage 02 – Front Upholstery, Base, Backrest, Headrest

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