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“Your exclusive replica of the masterpiece from the House of Maranello will be enhanced by this miniature driver’s seat, perfectly reproduced in every detail.





The Driver’s Seat

Step 1

Fit the two posts of the Front Upholstery into the matching mounting points inside the Base, as shown:

Secure the Base to the Front Upholstery with two (2) Type B screws.

TIP: As this model will require many different types of screws, I have a dedicated page listing them all and their details.

Step 2

Press the short posts of the Backrest into the matching hexagonal holes on the back of the Front Upholstery, as shown.

This is a pressure-fit, but if you find it loose use tiny drops of super glue to secure the Backrest into place:

Step 3

Press the two tabs of the Headrest into the matching slots at this location on the Front Upholstery, orientating it as shown.

This is also a pressure-fit, but use super glue again if needed:


OK, how cool is that pressed prancing horse on the Headrest – I love it! As with most partwork builds, the first few issues contain parts from various ‘interesting’ areas of the model. After working on our Front Nose in the previous stage, we moved on to this Driver’s Seat. As we continue through this pack, we will also work on a rear wheel, the hood, and start assembling the engine. Keep all of these first parts stored safely as many of them will not be needed again until later on.

Next Up

 Stage 03 – Aileron, Front Splitter, Rear Tyre

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