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“The Aileron and the Front Splitter complete the ‘Delta’ structure at the front of LaFerrari, a design that was derived from the experience gained by the House in Formula One.





Front Splitter & Aileron

Step 1

Retrieve your Front Nose assembly from Stage 01 and turn it upside down. Fit the post of the Aileron into the matching hole at the bottom center of the Nose, interlocking the parts into position as shown.

You might want to place this on a soft cloth to protect the exterior paint:

Secure these parts together from below with one (1) Type A screw.

Do not over-tighten any screws going into metal as too much torque can snap them off. Therefore, this is the first of many friendly reminders to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts. It will help lubricate the screws and make installation much easier. Throughout Pack 1, I found that all the metal screws have gone in very smoothly with a bit of oil:

Step 2

Fit the Front Splitter to the back of the Front Nose, aligning the four mounting lugs to the matching posts as shown:

Secure the Front Splitter into place with four (4) Type A screws, two on each side:

This Front Splitter has an amazing carbon fiber surface detail. It is not painted, nor a decal – it is almost like it was wrapped or hyrdo-dipped somehow:


OK, how cool does this Front Splitter look with the carbon fiber finish? I am very happy with how this build is shaping up so far. Keep the Rear Tyre nearby for the next stage, but the Front Nose assembly can be safely stored for now.

Next Up

 Stage 04 – Rear Left Wheel Rim, Rear Hub Cap

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