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“The five-spoke alloy wheels are fine examples of elegance and robustness.





The Rear Left Wheel Rim

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Rear Tyre from the previous stage. Ensure the foam insert is completely inside the Tyre and gives the Tyre a fully inflated appearance:

Step 3

Push the Rear Left Wheel Rim through the Rear Tyre assembly, as shown.

As you complete this step, take care not to damage the small valve stem detail on the Wheel Rim. Note this smooth line in the tread of the Tyre (red arrow below). This is towards the outside edge of the Tyre. Therefore, the Rim should be inserted accordingly. I tend insert my Rims from the inside of the Tyre to prevent any ‘scrub’ marks from showing on the outside of the Tyre:

Seat both beads of the Rear Tyre fully into the matching grooves around the edges of the Wheel Rim, as shown.

It may help to roll the tire on your work surface under the palm of your hand. The pressure will help seat the beads evenly. Note the tiny valve stem:


Our first wheel is complete! I find the style of these Wheels a bit plain for my tastes, but I am sure on the real car they are very strong and lightweight. Keep this Wheel assembly and the unused Rear Hub Cap safely stored until needed later on in the build.

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 Stage 05 – Bonnet, Bonnet Hinges

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