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“The bonnet, which covers the compartment for the radiator and a small trunk, is shaped to follow the Delta configuration of the LaFerrari nose.





The Bonnet

Step 1

Fit the holes in the flat mounting tab of the Left Bonnet Hinge onto the matching pins at this left-side location on the underside of the Bonnet.

The two Bonnet Hinges are not the same, as seen here:

Ensure this Left Bonnet Hinge is facing the correct way, as shown:

In the same way, fit the Right Bonnet Hinge on the opposite side of the Bonnet, as shown:

Step 2

Secure these Bonnet Hinges into place with two (2) Type C screws, one on each side.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:


From the Front Nose to a Seat, to a Rear Wheel and now the front Bonnet – we are building parts from all over the car in this first Pack. In the next stage, we will add a few bits to this Bonnet assembly, so keep it nearby.

Next Up

 Stage 06 – Bonnet Vent Frame, Bonnet Airfoil

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