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“With the new parts provided, you can start building the special hybrid power unit that represents one of the key features of this two-seater from the Prancing Horse.





The Engine’s Airbox

Step 1

Carefully remove one Ferrari Logo from the backing paper. Carefully stick it directly over the printed ‘Ferrari’ logo on one side of the Air-Box.

Each side of the Air-Box is pre-printed with the location these Logos should be placed:

Using tweezers may greatly help here:

In the same way, adhere the second Ferrari Logo on the opposite side of the Air-Box, as shown:


Applying stickers by hand always worries me, but we made it through! Keep this Air-Box assembly stored safely until we need it later on.

Next Up

 Stage 08 – Left-Hand Head Cover, Head Cover Gasket, Plug Caps

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