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“The LaFerrari Engine is a design in the tradition of the House of Maranello – a V-12. This means that is has two cylinder banks, each of which has its own head cover. Using the parts provided, you will begin to assembly the cover fitted on the left.





The Left-Hand Head Cover

Step 1

Fit one of the Head-Cover Gaskets to the bottom of the Left-Hand Head Cover, matching the shape of each as shown.

It is worth noting that there is a specific way to install these Gaskets. Note this ‘tab’ at the narrow end:

This ‘tab’ fits over the wider flange of the Head Cover circled below:

Step 2

Carefully cut four (4) Plug Caps from a sprue, paying attention to where the cut is made, as shown.

I recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife here:

Press the keyed post of these Plug Caps into the four center top holes of the Left-Hand Head Cover.

These will only sit flush if the key of each Plug Cap matches the position of the slot beside each hole, pointed out here:


This stage completes Pack 1 of our build. I have to admit, I am very excited to be building a V-12 Ferrari engine in such large scale! Keep this Head assembly and the unused parts safely stored until the next pack arrives.

Next Up

 Stage 09 – Right-Hand Head Cover, Head Cover Screws

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