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“The seats of the Ferrari two-seater are designed to ensure maximum comfort in all driving conditions, and also harmonise perfectly with the elegance of the design.

This stage will be identical to the steps we followed in Stage 02.




The Passenger’s Seat

Step 1

Fit the two posts of the Front Upholstery into the matching mounting points inside the Base, as shown:

Secure the Base to the Front Upholstery with two (2) Type B screws:

Step 2

Press the short posts of the Backrest into the matching hexagonal holes on the back of the Front Upholstery, as shown.

This is a pressure-fit, but if you find it loose use tiny drops of super glue to secure the Backrest into place:

Step 3

Press the two tabs of the Headrest into the matching slots at this location on the Front Upholstery, orientating it as shown.

This is also a pressure-fit, but use super glue again if needed:


This process was the same as when we built the Driver’s Seat, so it should feel quite familiar. We will not need this Seat in the rest of this pack, so it can be safely stored for now.

Next Up

 Stage 14 – Cockpit Floor, Dashboard Panels, Control Panel, Lower Fascia, Bar with AC Vents

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