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“Continue making the interior of LaFerrari by adding the Steering Wheel with its integrated controls. Inspired by Formula 1. These parts reflect the car’s close relationship with the prancing horse’s race cars.





The Sports Controls

Step 1

Retrieve your Dashboard Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit these two tabs of the Instrument Panel over the matching posts of the Dashboard Panel B.

First, make sure the plug of the Instrument Panel passes through this rounded opening between the parts, as shown. The magazine instructions may appear to show two cables here, but there is only one:

The end result of this step is to have the Instrument Panel seated on the Dashboard Panel as seen here. However, you may find that the ‘lip’ of the Dashboard Panel does not want to fit into the matching groove of the Instrument Panel (arrow below):

To make this easier on us, simply loosen the two existing screws (circled here) and move the gauge cluster away from the Instrument Panel a bit:

This will give us more room to fit the Instrument Panel over the lip, as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) Type B screws.

If you needed to loosen the gauge cluster screws, go ahead and tighten them back up as well:

Here is how this Dashboard Panel should look at this point:

This gauge cluster arrived pre-assembled with the lighting PCB and gauges installed, as seen in better detail here:

Step 2

Retrieve your Control Panel assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Instrument Panel assembly to the Control Panel, aligning the parts together as shown:

Align the mounting points and secure these parts together from below with three (3) Type B screws:

Step 3

Firmly press the four pins of the Steering Column into the matching holes at this location of the Control Panel.

The four smaller holes of the Control Panel shown here will hold the matching pins of the the Steering Column. Note the lower two holes are larger as the Column needs to be fitted in the correct orientation:

Firmly press the two pins of the Gearchange Paddles into the matching holes at the flat end of the Steering Column, as shown.

The shape of the Paddles and the recess they fit into will only allow these to be fully seated when attached the correct way:

Finally, fit the post of the Steering Wheel into the center hole of the Gearchange Paddles, as shown.

I am quite impressed with the amount of detail included on this F1-inspired Steering Wheel – it even has felt on the sides:

When fitted, this Wheel should sit flush up against the face of the Steering Column, as shown:

At this point, our Steering Wheel is only temporarily fitted so take care not to lose it:


I think this might be the best looking Dashboard of any partwork I have built so far – just spectacular! Keep this assembly stored somewhere safe as we will not need it again for a while.

Next Up

 Stage 16 – Central Bridge/Support Frame, Front Bulkhead, Partition, Floor Mats, Safety Belt Attachments, Pushbutton Panel

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