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“With their non-slip surfaces, the pedals of your LaFerrari ensure maximum driving precision and control, essential qualities for a high performance car.





The Pedals

I wanted to take a moment to mention how nice it is that these Pedals are pre-assembled with their switches and wiring already installed. I have built a lot of partwork vehicles and this is something to truly appreciate:

Step 1

Retrieve your Cockpit Floor assembly from Stage 17. Feed the plugs of the Pedal wires through this opening of the Floor, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the two mounting tabs of the Pedals over the matching posts at this location on the Cockpit Floor, as shown:

Secure these Pedals to the Floor with two (2) Type B screws:


For the first time in any partwork vehicle build I’ve done so far, we did not have to install the actual electrical switches behind the pedals. These Pedals arrived pre-assembled with the switches already inside – excellent! Keep this Cockpit Floor assembly nearby as we will need it again for Stage 24.

Next Up

 Stage 20 – Extractor, Cooling System Base, Left Fan (Top/Bottom Sections), Right Fan with Speaker

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