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“The cooling system of LaFerrari has been designed to keep its power unit at the correct operating temperature under every condition, with minimum possible drag.





The Cooling System

The Cooling System Base arrives wrapped around a foam insert and can be safely stored until later – it is not needed in this stage:

Step 1

Push the four pins of the Left Fan (Top Section) into the matching holes at this location of the Right Fan with Speaker.

This Left Fan (Top Section) needs to be installed in one specific orientation. Note this small tab on the Left Fan:

Then, note this matching notch in the Right Fan housing:

Match the tab to the notch when pressing these Fan parts together, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Left Fan (Bottom Section) into the backside of the Right Fan With Speaker, aligning the mounting tabs with the matching posts as shown. Then, secure the Left Fan into place with two (2) Type E screws:

Step 3

Fit the Extractor onto the Right Fan with Speaker assembly, aligning the mounting tabs onto the matching posts as shown:

Secure the Extractor into place with four (4) Type E screws.

Ensure these screws are installed straight and not at an angle:


It seems with every new set of parts we receive, I am more and more impressed by the tiny details. I would usually grab one of my metallic Sharpies and paint the bolts/nuts on parts like this. But, these parts already have them painted! I did notice that the side grills of the Extractor were not quite up against the main piece so I tried to glue them. The glue did not stick, but I will wait until we see how this assembly is installed before I try again.

Keep this assembly and the unused Cooling System Base safely stored as they will not be needed in the rest of this shipment.

Next Up

 Stage 21 – Luggage Compartment Lid, Luggage Compartment (Bottom Section)

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