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LaFerrari’s cutting-edge design means all the space is carefully managed down to the smallest detail. There’s even room for a small luggage compartment located under the bonnet.





Luggage Compartment

Step 1

Fit the two mounting lugs along the bottom edge of the Luggage Compartment Lid to the matching holes at these locations on the Luggage Compartment (Bottom Section).

When fitting these parts together, fit the tabs of the tiny hinges into the matching slots around the screw holes as shown:

Then, secure the lugs into place with two (2) Type F screws – one for each hinge, as shown:

These mounting lugs are actually hinges, so the Lid should now be able to be opened and closed:


I never expected the Luggage Compartment on our LaFerrari to actually open and close, very nice! This assembly will not be needed again in the rest of this pack, so keep it stored safely for now.

Next Up

 Stage 22 – Rear Right Wheel Rim, Rear Hub Cap

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