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“Although it is a truly extraordinary car, the LaFerrari still has some essential elements found in any other car, such as an electric starter motor.





The Starter Motor

The majority of the real engine of our LaFerrari is truly silver in color, but I wanted to spice things up a bit. Using my Metallic Sharpies, I put a bit of gold on the side bolts of the Alternator (Part B). Then, with my Molotow Liquid Chrome pens, I ‘painted’ the tips of the large side pipes on Alternator (Part A) and some of the bolt heads on both parts:

Step 1

Retrieve your two Alternator parts from the previous stage. Fit the pin and shorter post of the Alternator (Part A) to this tab of the Motor Base, as shown.

Fun Fact: You may think this ‘alternator’ doesn’t look like the alternator on most vehicles. This is because on the LaFerrari, it is actually a generator. The noticeably larger unit is part of the onboard HY-KERS hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Secure this part in place with one (1) Type B screw.

Do not over-tighten this screw, it is only for alignment purposes:

Step 2

Align the two posts of Alternator (Part B) onto the matching pins of Alternator (Part A) and squeeze the parts together, as shown.

As you begin to press these parts to each other, make sure the small tab of the bracket legs fits into its matching hole (circled below):

Step 3

Retrieve your Driver’s Seat from Stage 02 and your Cockpit Floor assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Driver’s Seat down into the left side of the Cockpit Floor, as shown.

Make sure your Seat Belt does not become trapped behind the Seat:

Secure the Driver’s Seat into place from below with one (1) Type B screw:


This stage talks about the Starter Motor we received, but we did not use it (same with the Recovery Pump). However, they will be needed in the next stage, so keep all of these parts nearby!

Next Up

 Stage 27 – Engine Block Part, Oil Filter

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