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“In high-performance engines like those in the LaFerrari, the length of the intake trumpets can be adjusted by the potentiometers.





The Potentiometers

Step 1

Retrieve your Motor Base from Stage 26 and your Engine Block Part from the previous stage. Fit the Base onto the two upper posts of the Engine Block, aligning them as shown:

Secure these parts together from above with two (2) Type G screws:

Step 2

Retrieve your Cylinder Block from Stage 25. Fit the two Potentiometers into either end of the Block, as shown.

There are four total connection points on each Potentiometer. Three pins (circled below) and one hole (arrow below):

These pins and hole match up to these three posts and single pin on each end of the Cylinder Block:

Carefully align all four connection points as you press these Potentiometers into place. These are press-fit connections, but you can use a small amount of super glue as needed:

Right after I installed my Potentiometers, I realized they are likely electronic stepper motors in real life – probably from a company like Siemens. On every European car I’ve ever owned, the electrical plug side of these were black (and there is a plug detail on our parts). Therefore, I used a small brush and some Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black acrylic paint to carefully paint the end caps of each one. Just something to do for more contrast:

Step 3

Slide the three tabs on the right side of the Cylinder Block (intake plenum) into the matching slots of the Right Cylinder Bank.

Don’t worry about this being installed backwards. The tabs of the Cylinder Block are spaced in such a way that this will only fit the correct way, as shown. This is a press-fit connection that will be further stabilized in the next stage:


The majority of this amazing engine is made out of die-cast metal and it is starting to gain some significant weight. Keep all of these parts nearby and let’s keep going!

Next Up

 Stage 29 – Left Cylinder Bank, Alternator Pulley, Return Pulley

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