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“In order to transmit the power of the engine to the alternator and convert it into electrical energy, a belt connects the pulley of the alternator to the pulley of the crankshaft.





Generator Pulley

Step 1

Retrieve your Cylinder Block assembly from the previous stage. In the same way as before, slide the three slots of the Left Cylinder Bank onto the matching tabs on the left side of the Cylinder Block (intake plenum):

Step 2

Retrieve your Motor Base assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Cylinder Block assembly on top, aligning the four posts inside as shown:

While it is unlikely to happen, make sure the Cylinder Block assembly is fitted correctly so there is no gap:

Secure the Block to the Base from above with four (4) Type G screws – two on each side.

This step is what stabilizes the upper ‘intake plenum’ in place:

Step 3

Firmly press the split-post of the Alternator Pulley into the center hole at the front of the Alternator, as shown:

Step 4

Firmly press the pin of the Return Pulley into this nearby post, as shown:

I felt like Return Pulley needed a shiny mounting bolt. I used my Metallic Silver Sharpie to give it one!


With every stage, our beautiful Engine keeps getting bigger and better. I love it!

Next Up

 Stage 30 – Gearbox, Clutch

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