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“The parts supplied with this stage can be kept aside for now. First you will install the crankshaft pulley, water pump and joint onto the engine using the parts from Stage 31.





The parts supplied in this stage will not be needed until the next one, so keep them nearby for now:

Crankshaft Pulley and Water Pump

Step 1

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous stage and your Crankshaft Pulley and Belt from Stage 31. First, press the pin of the Crankshaft Pulley into the matching hole at this location of the Timing Cover:

Slide the Belt around the Crankshaft Pulley and Alternator Pulley, looping the upper segment under the Return Pulley as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Water Pump and Belt Cover from Stage 31. Press the pin and post of the Water Pump into the matching holes at this location of the Timing Cover:

Press the two pins of the Belt Cover into these matching holes of the Timing Cover, as shown:

Step 3

Finally, retrieve your Joint from Stage 31. Press the pin of the Joint into the matching hole of the Timing Cover, orienting it as shown:


We only added a few small engine details this time, but we will spend the next four stages building our engine’s intricate exhaust system! Keep all of the parts from this stage nearby for the next stage, but the engine assembly itself will not be needed again until Stage 37.

Next Up

 Stage 35 – Right Manifold D/E/F, Manifold Connector/Connection Flange

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