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“In addition to performing a fundamental task for the functioning of the engine, the exhaust system gives the roar of the engine – the ‘voice’ that Ferrari enthusiasts adore.





The Left Exhaust System

Step 1

Press the two posts of Left Rear Exhaust (A) onto the matching pins of Left Rear Exhaust (B), squeezing them together as shown.

While I did not do it here, you may find it easier to install the Left Terminal ends into holes of the Left Rear Exhaust (B) first:

Push the two straight ends of the Left Terminal into these matching holes of this Left Rear Exhaust assembly.

The reason I mention doing this before closing up the Rear Exhaust is we have a bit more leverage against the part to fully slide these into place:

Step 2

Retrieve your Left Exhaust assembly from the previous stage. Fit the ringed tab of the Manifold Connector into this matching groove at the large end of the Left Catalytic Converter (A), orienting the Exhaust as shown.

While handling these Catalytic Converters, take special care not to damage these small details pre-attached to them:

In the same way, fit the small ringed tab of the Left Terminal into this matching groove at the small end of the Left Catalytic Converter (A), orienting it as shown:

The assembly should look like this:

Fit the Left Catalytic Converter (B) to the Left Catalytic Converter (A), aligning the three internal posts together and capturing the Manifold Connector and Left Terminal into each end as shown:

Secure the Left Catalytic Converter (A) halves together with three (3) Type I screws.

Both the Manifold Connector and Left Terminal should be able to rotate within the ends of the Catalytic Converter:

Step 3

Retrieve your Engine assembly from Stage 34. Firmly press the large pins of the six Left Exhaust Manifolds into these matching holes of the Left Cylinder Bank, as shown.

If you did not fit the Manifold Connection Flange onto this Manifold already (like I did in the previous stage), you should do so before fitting the Manifold to the Cylinder Bank. The detailed side of the Flange should face out towards the Manifolds/Connector:

If needed, you can rotate the Catalytic Converter assembly around the manifold Connector to align it alongside the Gearbox/Transmission, as shown:

You can also rotate the Rear Exhaust within the Catalytic Converter assembly to position it as shown:


OK, this has to be one of the craziest exhausts I have ever assembled on a partwork model. I am not surprised at all that a Ferrari has custom length tubular headers, but it is the first time I have ever built one. I even noticed that the Rear Exhaust (muffler/silencer) is a slightly different color than the rest of the exhaust system – it is more of a titanium color!

Next Up

 Stage 38 – Right Rear Exhaust, Right Terminal, Right Catalytic Converter, Hydraulic Hoses, Electrical Cables

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