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“The Right Exhaust System consists of the same elements as those found on the left-hand side, with additional hoses and cables that must be installed with care.

The steps here will be very similar to the steps from the previous stage.




The Right Exhaust System

Step 1

Push the two straight ends of the Right Terminal into these matching holes of this Right Rear Exhaust assembly.

I found it easier to install the Terminal before closing up the Rear Exhaust:

Press the two posts of Right Rear Exhaust (A) onto the matching pins of Right Rear Exhaust (B), squeezing them together as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Right Exhaust assembly from Stage 36. Fit the ringed tab of the Manifold Connector into this matching groove at the large end of the Right Catalytic Converter (A), orienting the Exhaust as shown:

In the same way, fit the small ringed tab of the Right Terminal into this matching groove at the small end of the Right  Catalytic Converter (A), orienting it as shown:

Fit the Right Catalytic Converter (B) to the Right Catalytic Converter (A), aligning the three internal posts together and capturing both the Manifold Connector and Right Terminal into each end as shown:

Secure the Right Catalytic Converter (A) halves together with three (3) Type I screws.

Both the Manifold Connector and Right Terminal should be able to rotate within the ends of the Catalytic Converter:

Step 3

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous stage. Firmly press the large pins of the six Right Exhaust Manifolds into these matching holes of the Right Cylinder Bank, as shown.

If you did not fit the Manifold Connection Flange onto this Manifold already (like I did in Stage 35), you should do so before fitting the Manifold to the Cylinder Bank. The detailed side of the Flange should face out towards the Manifolds/Connector:

If needed, you can rotate the Catalytic Converter assembly around the manifold Connector to align it alongside the Gearbox/Transmission, as shown:

You can also rotate the Rear Exhaust within the Catalytic Converter assembly to position it as shown:

Step 4

Fit the end of the Hydraulic Hoses A (nearest the bracket) into these matching holes on the left-side of the Transmission.

Make sure the nearby ‘bracket’ is oriented as shown. If you find the fitment of any of these Hoses/Cables parts too loose, feel free to use a small amount of super glue to secure them into place:

Gently press the two pins of the nearby ‘bracket’ into these matching holes of the Transmission, orienting it as shown:

Bring the Hoses A over the Transmission and then gently press the two pins of the second ‘bracket’ into these matching holes on the right-side of the Transmission:

I carefully bent these Hoses A so they would be near parallel as they passed over the Transmission, as shown:

The remainder of these Hoses A can be laid over the Gearbox until we need to attach them later on in the build:

Step 5

Press the two equal-length ends of the Hydraulic Hoses B into these matching holes on the left side of the Gearbox.

These are the ends we want to install in this step:

I am not positive, but I believe want the pin on this block in the middle of Hoses B to be facing away from the Engine, as shown:

The remainder of these Hoses B can be laid next to the Engine until we secure them at a later point:

Step 6

Fit the three pins on the ‘knurled connectors’ end of the Electrical Cables into these matching holes of the Transmission (C), orienting it as shown.

The upper free end of these Electrical Cables should curve towards the engine:


Oh, I have a feeling this engine is going to have a bunch of cables and hoses going all over the place! I will do my best to show them all.

Next Up

 Stage 39 – Spark Plug Cables, Exhaust Manifold Guards

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