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“LaFerrari’s independent suspension layout aims to achieve maximum road handling and safety for the most demanding drivers.”





The Rear Suspension (1)

Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage. On the left side, fit a Small Hinge to this location of the Frame.

Each of these Small Hinges have a raised threaded hole on one side. The orientation of these threads when installing them is important:

For this Hinge, the threaded hole should be facing towards the front of the Frame, towards the engine as shown:

Secure this Small Hinge into place with one (1) Type M screw.

When securing these Hinges, try to align them parallel with the small tab near each mounting location (on the left of the Hinge below). This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts.

Fit the end of a Rear Tie-Rod between the tabs of this Small Hinge.

One end of each Rear Tie-Rod has a smaller hole, this is the end that should be inserted into the Hinge, as shown:

Then, align the holes of these parts and secure this Tie-Rod into place (from the rear of the Frame) with one (1) Type O screw as shown.

Be careful not to overtighten these suspension screws. If the parts can not rotate easily, it will affect the operation of the suspension. And, remember you can temporarily rotate the Exhaust Mufflers down and out of the way to access screws like these:

Step 2

In the same way, fit another Small Hinge to this location of the Frame and secure it into place with one (1) Type M screw.

This time, the threaded hole of the Hinge (arrow below) should be facing towards the rear of the Frame, as shown:

Fit the end of a Front Tie-Rod between the tabs of this Small Hinge, as shown.

Both ends of these Front Tie-Rods are the same, so they can be installed either way:

Then, align the screw holes and secure this Tie-Rod into place from the front with one (1) Type O screw as shown:

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps to secure the other two Small Hinges on the right side of the Rear Frame using two (2) Type M screws.

Remember to orient the threaded holes of these Hinges correctly – the threads should face each other as shown:

Secure the second Rear Tie-Rod into the lower Hinge from the rear with one (1) Type O screw, as shown.

Again, remember to insert the end of the Rear Tie-Rod with the smaller hole here:

Secure the second Front Tie-Rod into the upper Hinge from the front with one (1) more Type O screw:


Installing suspension components can sometimes be tricky, but thankfully these installed without any problems. Keep the unused Lower Arms, Large Hinges, and Long Tie-Rods nearby for use in the next stage. However, the unused Stabiliser Bar, Pillars, and Bar Supports can be stored somewhere safe as they will not be needed in this pack.

Next Up

 Stage 43 – Rear Spring/Shock Absorber Body, Shock Absorber Plug

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