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“The LaFerrari features a four-wheel independent suspension system, which ensures performance and stability even under the most demanding driving conditions.”





The Rear Suspension (2)

Step 1

Slide a Rear Spring over the shorter end of a Rear Shock Absorber Body, as shown:

Fit the black end of a Shock Absorber Plug into the free end of the Rear Spring, as shown:

Compress the Plug down onto the Spring until you can secure the Plug to the Body with one (1) Type N screw:

Repeat this process to build a second Rear Shock Absorber assembly:

Step 2

Retrieve your Left Lower Arm, Right Lower Arm, and both Long Tie-Rods from the previous stage.

The Lower Arms are not marked left or right, so this picture can be used to identify them:

Fit a Rear Shock Absorber into the recess of the Left Lower Arm, then secure it into place with one (1) Type T screw.

When we install these Shock Absorbers, it is important to orient the Plugs correctly. If we look closely at a Plug, notice this angled surface:

As we fit a Shock Absorber into the Lower Arm (red arrow below), this angled surface (yellow arrow below) should face towards the small end of the arm, as shown. If needed, you can gently rotate the Plug into the correct position:

When happy with the alignment, we can go ahead and secure this Shock Absorber into place. Remember not to overtighten suspension pivot points like this one – the parts should be able to move. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of screws going into metal parts:

Fit the thicker end of a Long Tie-Rod over this post of the Left Lower Arm, then secure it into place with one (1) Type C screw.

These Long Tie-Rods are angled. Once mounted, the free end should lean away from the Lower Arm, as shown:

Make sure the upper end of the Long Tie-Rod matches the flat surface of the round tabs on the Shock Absorber Plug, as shown:

Repeat this process to assemble the Right Lower Arm in the same way:

This is what our two Lower Arm assemblies should look like:

Step 3

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly and the Large Hinges from the previous stage. On the right side, fit two Large Hinges into these lower locations of the Frame and secure them into place with two (2) Type M screws.

As before, each of these Large Hinges have a raised threaded hole on one side. The orientation of these threads when installing them is important:

The threaded holes of these Hinges should face towards each other, as shown:

Step 4

Fit the large round ends of the right Lower Arm assembly into the Large Hinges, as shown:

Secure this Lower Arm into place with two (2) Type S screws.

I gently started both of these screws to make sure the alignment of these parts was correct:

After everything looked good, I went ahead and tightened both of these Type S screws. One from the front, and one from the rear:

Step 5

In the same way as Step 3, secure the other two Large Hinges to the left side of the Rear Frame with two (2) Type M screws.

Once again, the threaded holes of these Hinges should face towards each other:

Then, as before, fit and secure the left Lower Arm assembly into these Large Hinges with two (2) Type S screws:


I have to admit, this is a beautiful rear suspension. Supercars always have the best stuff!

Next Up

 Stage 44 – Rear Right Axle Shaft/Brake Disc

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