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“Like all the finest high-performance cars, the LaFerrari boasts powerful rear brakes, ventilated and perforated to enhance cooling.”





The Rear Right Brake Disc

Step 1

Retrieve your Rear Frame assembly from the previous stage. Slide the larger end of the Rear Right Axle Shaft through this right side opening of the Frame and into the matching hole on the Gearbox, as shown:

Step 2

With the caliper of the Rear Right Brake Disc facing forward, fit the eyelets of the Disc mount between these tabs of the right Lower Arm as shown:

Next, tilt the Brake Disc up and onto the free end of the Rear Right Axle Shaft (yellow arrow below), as shown.

Make sure the black plastic Long Tie-Rod is tilted up towards the Frame as you lift this Disc into place:

Slide the Rear Tie-Rod over this post of the Rear Right Brake Disc, as shown.

In the instructions, this is done later on, but I found it much easier to do now:

Secure the Brake Disc to the Lower Arm with two (2) Type V screws, one at the front and one at the rear as shown.

I’ve mentioned it before, but do not overtighten these pivot point screws, otherwise the suspension will not operate as intended. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 3

Secure the Rear Tie-Rod to the Brake Disc using (1) Type C screw:

Lower the Front Tie-Rod down between the upper eyelets of the Rear Right Brake Disc and align the screw holes as shown:

Secure these parts together from the rear with one (1) Type U screw, as shown:


With this Brake Disc now installed, we have nearly completed the right rear suspension of our LaFerrari! One thing I am thinking about is changing the color of the actual brake discs. On the real car, these would have been carbon ceramic rotors which are typically a chalky black with a satin-y black adonized aluminum center hub. I will look into this as a future mod zone.

Next Up

 Stage 45 – Rear Left Axle Shaft/Brake Disc

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