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“In high performance cars like the LaFerrari, ventilation is of utmost importance as the mechanical components generate a lot of heat.”





The Rear Left Radiator

Step 1

Fit the Hexagonal Mesh to the Frame, aligning the shape and notches of the Mesh to these matching four pins of the Frame as shown:

Step 2

Press the Radiator Detail into this matching recess of the Radiator until flush, as shown:

Just to make things a bit more interesting, I decided to ‘paint’ this Radiator with my Metallic Silver Sharpie:

Step 3

Press the lower four pins of the Frame into the matching holes of the Radiator, as shown:


After those rear suspension stages, this one went together extremely quick! Keep the two unused Details and the Cover Plate along with this assembly stored somewhere safe as it will not be needed for the rest of this pack.

Next Up

 Stage 47 – Fan Frame, Coupling, Tubes, Ferrule, Ventilation Fan

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