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“The braking system for hypercars, such as LaFerrari, is designed for very high performance and requires an efficient ventilation system.”





The Ventilation System

Step 1

Firmly press the four eyelets of the Ventilation Fan fully down onto these matching pins of the Fan Frame.

You have to look closely, but this Fan actually has a proper orientation. Note this thicker wiring conduit and where it is located as you fit the Fan:

The circular body of the Fan will pass through the opening of the Frame, as shown:

Step 2

Firmly press the two holes of the Ferrule onto these shorter pins of the Fan Frame, orienting it as shown:

Then, firmly press the two holes of the Coupling onto these longer pins of the Fan Frame, orienting it as shown:

Step 3

Press the Rear Tube onto this D-shaped pin of the Coupling, as shown:

Press the hole at the angled end of the Front Tube onto this matching pin of the Fan Frame.

This Front Tube should rest in this curved recess (circled below) of the Frame, as shown:


Sadly, I get the feeling that the nice detail on this Fan is going to be hidden behind one of the Radiators. Regardless, this assembly can be stored somewhere safe as it will not be needed for the rest of this pack.

Next Up

 Stage 48 – Pipe, Cover Plate, Hexagonal Mesh, Coupling, Radiator, Frames, Detail

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