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“To keep the mechanical parts of high performance cars cool, all the sections of the ventilation system must be designed carefully.”





The Rear Right Radiator

Step 1

Place the Hexagonal Mesh into this matching recess of Frame A, as shown:

Step 2

Press Radiator B into Radiator A until flush.

As with the smaller Radiator in Stage 46, I decided to assemble this one and ‘paint’ it with my Metallic Silver Sharpie:

Then, firmly press the two slots of Radiator A onto the matching tabs of Frame B, orienting it as shown.

I left the Radiator separated here so you could see the slots inside:

Step 3

Press the three pins of Frame A into the matching holes of Frame B, capturing the Mesh in between as shown:

I did this step slightly different from the instructions. First, I removed the Radiator assembly from the tabs of the Frame B. Then, I fit the Frame B onto the pins of the Frame A. This allowed me to see all of the pins and not bend any of them:

With these parts fully seated together, I then re-installed the Radiator assembly as shown:

Next, press the four posts of the Coupling onto the matching pins of Radiator A, orienting it as shown and capturing Radiator B in between:

Finally, firmly press the ‘ringed’ end of the Pipe into this matching hole of the Coupling.

Note this flat edge on the ‘ring’ of the Pipe:

That flat edge should face towards the center of the Coupling, as shown by the yellow arrow below:


Another Radiator and the housing behind it – these will soon be installed just rear of our LaFerrari doors! Keep the unused Detail A and Cover Plate stored safely along with this assembly until the next shipment arrives.

Next Up

 Stage 49 – Lower/Upper Rear Left Side Panels

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