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“The ventilation system located near the right rear wheel is also covered and protected by two red side panels, which blend seamlessly with streamlined body design.”

Many of the steps in this stage are very similar to those in the previous stage.




The Rear Right Side Panels

Step 1

Retrieve your Cover Plate from Stage 46. Fit the two rounded tabs of this Plate over these matching posts inside the Lower Rear Right Side Panel, orienting it as shown:

Secure the Cover Plate to the Side Panel with two (2) Type H screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 2

Retrieve your Radiator Frame assembly from Stage 48.

Fit this Radiator Frame assembly to the inside of the Cover Plate, as shown.

There are two recessed holes and two locating pins that need to fit to matching posts and alignment holes of the other part:

As these parts are fitted, there are few areas we need to ensure are mated together correctly.

  • First, slide the free end of the Pipe onto the matching pin of the Cover Plate:

  • Next, make sure the face of the Radiator assembly fits under this lip of the Side Panel:

  • Then, make sure this tab of the Side Panel is sitting flush inside the matching recess of the Radiator:

This is what we should have so far:

Secure the Cover Plate to the Radiator Frame assembly with two (2) Type E screws:

Step 3

Fit the Upper Rear Right Side Panel over the Radiator Frame assembly, as shown:

There are two small locating pins along this side of the Radiator face. This edge of the Upper Side Panel should fit below them, as shown.

NOTE: I did not get a picture of this actual assembly at this point, but here is a reversed image of the assembly we built in the previous stage – the idea is the same. These pins keep the body panel closer to the Radiator grille and are not meant to be visible:

Align the two rounded tabs of the Upper Side Panel to these matching posts of the Lower Side Panel, then begin securing these parts together at the upper hole with one (1) Type H screw:

Finish securing these parts together at the lower hole with one (1) Type M screw:


It is great that these Radiators on each side are not the same. It adds a great level of accuracy and realism to our LaFerrari! We will not need this assembly for the rest of this pack, so it can be safely stored for now.

Next Up

 Stage 51 – Front Plate, Main Chassis, Front Left/Right Side Panels

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