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“Thanks to the 4-wheel independent suspension, the Ferrari supercar offers excellent road grip, effective traction, and utmost precision in steering.”





The Front Suspension

NOTE: I slightly changed the order of these steps from the digital instructions to make things easier.

Step 1

Construct the two Front Shock Absorber assemblies in the same manner as the Rear Shock Absorbers from Stage 43:

  • Slide a Front Spring over the long end of a Front Shock Absorber
  • Fit the black end of a Shock Absorber Bushing into the free end of the Spring
  • Compress the Spring a bit with the Bushing, and then secure the Bushing to the Shock Absorber with one (1) Type N screw

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 2

Fit the lower rounded end of the left Front Shock Absorber assembly (with the Shock Absorber Bushing marked ‘L’) into this recess of each Lower Control Arm, orienting it as shown and align the screw holes.

The two Lower Control Arms are not the same, nor are they marked ‘left’ or ‘right’ – this picture shows which is which:

When fitting these Shock Absorbers, make sure the raised rectangular detail (circled) is facing out towards the circular end of the Control Arm, as shown:

Secure the Shock Absorber into the Lower Control Arm from this side with one (1) Type BB screw:

Repeat this process for the right Front Shock Absorber (with the Bushing marked ‘R’) and right Lower Control Arm using one (1) Type BB screw, as shown:

This is what our set of Front Shock Absorbers should look like at this point:

Step 2A

Fit the ball end of a Spherical Joint into this matching ‘bowl’ recess of each Lower Control Arm. Cover each Joint with a Flange, and then secure these Flanges into place with two (2) Type M screws – one for each.

I did this a bit differently because the Flanges are not the same on both sides. One side has a beveled edge around the large hole, seen here:

The ‘ball’ of each Joint should rest in this beveled opening. Therefore, I first inserted the shaft of a Joint through a Flange from the beveled side:

Then, I fit both parts to the Control Arm as shown. When fitting each Flange, there is a larger screw hole as well as two small alignment holes that fit over matching pins to position the part correctly:

I fit both Joint/Flange assemblies the same and secured them as directed:

Step 3

In the same way, fit a Spherical Joint and Flange to the matching ‘bowl’ recesses of each Upper Control Arm, and secure them into place with two (2) more Type M screws – one for each:

Happily for us, these Upper Control Arms are indeed marked ‘L’ and ‘R’:


I think this is the first time I have seen actual ball joints used in any partwork vehicle suspension – how awesome is that! Keep the unused Hinges nearby as they will be needed over the next two stages.

Next Up

 Stage 54 – Front Left Brake Disc, Anti-Roll Bar

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