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“The LaFerrari boats a hybrid propulsion system. This means there is a recharging socket as well as a standard fuel-filling inlet.”





Fuel Tank Cap and Recharging Socket

Step 1

Retrieve your Windshield and Chassis assembly from the previous stage. Peel the backing paper from the Rearview Mirror and then secure the Mirror to this location on the inside surface of the Windshield.

The outside surface of the Windshield has a protective film on it – I recommend leaving this in place for now. Also, do not make the mistake I did here and attached my Rearview Mirror backwards:

I did notice the error later on when I was installing the Roof and corrected it. It should face this direction:

To position it, I simply centered the Rearview Mirror in the black area of the Windshield, as shown:

Firmly press the five pins of the Windshield into the matching holes around the matching opening of the Main Chassis, as shown:

At the upper center of the Windshield, there is also a tab with a hole that fits over this matching pin on top of the Chassis:

Step 2

Feed the cable of the Recharging Socket in through this right-side hole of the Main Chassis:

Press the Socket into the hole, seating the locating pin in place as shown:

Step 3

On the opposite (left) side of the Main Chassis,  firmly press the two tabs of the Fuel Tank Cap into this matching opening as shown:


I was worried that our Windshield would not stay in place with only a few pins, but it actually holds really well. As the rest of this pack is all about building the doors of our LaFerrari, this Chassis assembly can be safely placed in storage.

Next Up

 Stage 59 – Right Door (Lower), Right Door (Upper)

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