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“Designed for outstanding performance, the prancing horse two-seater features sleek design reflected in the sinuous curves of the doors.”





The Right Door (1)

Step 1

Fit the two rounded tabs of the Right Door (Upper) to these matching posts of the Right Door (Lower), as shown:

Step 2

Secure these parts together with two (2) Type B screws:

Step 3

IMPORTANT: In this step, the instructions would have us install the Steering Shaft (from Stage 52) through the Dashboard and into the Steering Wheel. However, in a later stage, they need to be separated again to install the Steering Shaft to the Main Chassis. Because it can be difficult to pull the Shaft from the Wheel once it is installed, I highly recommend skipping this step for now.


It felt out-of-place to return to the Dashboard with Step 3 in this short stage – especially since it needs to be undone to install the Steering Shaft anyway. Perhaps the stage just needed something else to do to make it a bit longer, but we definitely do not want to do that step yet. I did notice the the tiny side marker on this Door is clear and could technically be lit from behind with a nano LED if someone felt like it!

Next Up

 Stage 60 – Right Window, Right Door Upper Panel, Right Door Piston

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