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“Your 1:8 scale replica of LaFerrari is equipped with electronic functions that enhance its authenticity, all controlled by the circuit board.”




NOTE: Type EE screws are supplied with this stage (not in Stage 01 like the others) – keep an eye out for them!


The Circuit Board

Step 1

Retrieve your Main Chassis assembly from the previous stage. Fit the four posts of the Roof (Top Part) down into the matching holes on top of the Chassis, as shown.

Before we fit this Roof, quickly make sure both of the upper pivot screws for the Doors are properly resting in their matching recesses:

Then, we can lower the Roof into place as shown. There are small pins at the edges of the Roof that fit into matching holes in the Main Chassis:

To keep my Roof aligned correctly before we turn it all upside down, I used pieces of painter’s tape to hold them in place. This includes a separate piece running under the car to hold both Doors closed:

Gently turn your Chassis over on a soft surface. Secure the front edge of the Roof to the Chassis with two (2) Type F screws.

These two screws will help capture the upper pivot screws of the Doors:

Secure the rear edge of the Roof to the Chassis with two (2) Type P screws – one on each side as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your two Sun Visors from Stage 57. Press the posts of these Visors into the matching holes at these locations inside the roof of the Main Chassis, orienting them as shown:

Step 3

Carefully align the mounting holes of the Circuit Board to the three tall matching posts of the Front Plate (from Stage 51), as shown.

Take care when handling electronic components. Hold them by their edges and/or use a grounding strap to prevent any possible static discharge:

Secure this Circuit Board into place with three (3) Type I screws.

Do not over-tighten these screws – snug is fine. We do not want to risk damaging the Board with excessive force:

Step 4

At the rear of the Main Chassis, route the wires of the interior Light LED along this edge and over to the side, as shown:

Retrieve your Upper Cover Panel from Stage 56. While holding the Light LED wire in place, begin to lower the Panel into place as shown:

At the center of the Panel, there is a small tab that should be fitted into this slot of the Chassis roof:

On either side, the Panel also needs to be fitted over these two posts.

Note how the ‘cable’ of the Recharging Socket passes up through the large opening of the Panel:

The interior Light LED wires should come out at the corner of the Panel, as shown:

These are the posts on the opposite side that the Cover Panel needs to be fitted down over:

Step 5

Retrieve your Upper Rear Subframe from Stage 52. Fit the ‘legs’ of this Subframe onto the two matching posts at these locations of the Main Chassis, orienting it as shown.

On my model, I found that the small ‘boxes’ at the ends (with the two screw holes) would not sit fully down on the posts. I needed to use my needle files to scrape out excess paint from the circular recesses of the Subframe:

Firmly secure the Subframe to the Chassis with four (4) Type EE screws (supplied with this stage) – two on each side.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 6

Retrieve your Left Pillar and Right Pillar from Stage 42. Fit the Pillars into these matching slots at the rear of the Upper Rear Subframe, orienting them as shown:

The tabs of these Pillars are offset, so they can only be fitted correctly when facing the right way. If you find this fitment loose, use a drop of super glue to hold them in place:

That step completes this stage. Here is what our Main Chassis assembly now looks like from underneath:


Oh boy, I love electronics! Wiring, not so much. Still, the lights, sound, and motorized features of our LaFerrari should be quite astounding once the model is completed. With the addition of the Rear Subframe, we also have a good idea of how big the finished car will be.

Next Up

 Stage 68 – Tank Bulkhead, Door Motors/Brackets/Piston Rods

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