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“The use of carbon fibre, a lightweight and robust material, adds prestige and charm to the LaFerrari.”





The Rear Left Fender

Step 1

Retrieve your Detail A from Stage 46. Press the two pins of this Detail into the matching holes at this location on the Rear Left Fender.

This Detail A (and the sister part Detail A from Stage 48) are not identical. Note the position of the black housing on the parts. The part needed for this stage has the black housing more centered in the silver section:

The pins of this Detail A are different sizes, so this should only fit correctly one way:

Step 2

Retrieve your Detail B from Stage 46. Press the slotted recess of this Detail onto the matching tab at this location on the Rear Left Fender.

Note the proper orientation of this part in the picture below. If you find this fitment loose, use a drop of super glue to hold in place:


After the last few issues, it was nice to have a short and easy one. I am still extremely impressed with the carbon fiber look of parts like this!

Next Up

 Stage 70 – Rear Right Fender

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