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“Every section of the Maranello two-seater contributes to the streamlined design and aerodynamic qualities.”





The Front Left Wheel Arch Panel

There are no assembly steps in this stage.



As we had nothing to do in this stage, keep the Front Left Wheel Arch Panel stored safely until the next pack arrives.

Next Up

 Stage 73 – Front Right Wheel Arch Panel, Cover, Replacement Bonnet Hinges (Coming Soon)

4 thoughts on “STAGE 72”

  1. I watched World of Wayne new video it seems that front hood is not closing properly are you having the same problem

  2. Just saw World of Wanye this week he said he is having a problem with one of the doors opening on this build something about a bad motor .Thinking about doing this build but it seems to have problems

    1. I didn’t think Wayne has the final pack of part yet that contains the remote control to even test the doors.

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