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“Every detail of the 1:8 scale LaFerrari is represented, including the barely visible components such as the lining of the mudguards.”





The Front Left Mudguard Lining

NOTE: The Mesh included with this stage will not be installed until Stage 76, so keep it nearby until then:

Step 1

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage and gently place it upside down on a soft surface. Then, retrieve your Front Left Side Panel from Stage 54 and slide it down behind the front left suspension components, fitting it on the matching posts as shown:

As you fit this Side Panel, make sure the left Door Motor switch wiring routes through this small gap:

Once this Side Panel is in place, align the eyelets of the left Lower Control Arm in the matching bracket Hinges, as shown:

Secure the Front Left Side Panel in place with two (2) Type A screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 2

Secure the Lower Control Arm to the Hinges with two (2) Type O screws from the outer sides – one for each as shown:

Step 3

Fit the Front Left Mudguard Lining to the rear of the left front wheel opening and secure it into place with Type H and Type P screws:

There are three mounting points for this Mudguard Lining and it will require a bit of flexing to get them all in the right spots. First, pop the bottom rounded tab over this post of the Wheel Arch:

Using a thin screwdriver pointed through the Control Arms, secure this mounting point with one (1) Type H screw:

Next, secure the outer rounded tab to this matching post of the Wheel Arch with one (1) more Type H screw:

Then, secure the inner rounded tab to this matching post of the Side Panel with one (1) Type P screw:


Our front left suspension is now complete. It was a bit of a struggle to get all of these Mudguard Lining mounting points lined up, but we did it!

Next Up

 Stage 75 – Front Right Mudguard Lining, Mesh

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