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“The front mudguards are also part of a sophisticated external air intake system, designed to achieve the necessary cooling of the internal components.”





The Front Mudguard Mesh Frames

Step 1

Retrieve your Body assembly from the previous stage and gently place it upside down on a soft surface.  Then, retrieve your left Mesh from Stage 74 and fit it into this matching recess of the Front Left Mudguard Lining, as shown.

If desired, you can gently bend this Mesh to fit in the recess better:

Cover this Mesh with the Front Left Mudguard Mesh Frame, as shown:

Step 2

Secure this Mesh Frame to the Mudguard Lining with two (2) Type K screws, capturing the Mesh in between:

Step 3

Retrieve your right Mesh from the previous stage, and then fit this Mesh into the matching recess of the Front Right Mudguard Lining:

Cover this Mesh with the Front Right Mudguard Mesh Frame as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) Type K screws:


These Mesh Frames only represent the rear section of the front wheel fender liners. The forward sections will be installed into our LaFerrari after we add the Headlights in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 77 – Headlights, Headlight LEDs

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