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“Designed for easy assembly, the tail of your model features a detailed replica of every component.”





Tail Details

Step 1

Retrieve your Tail assembly from the previous stage and place it on a soft surface. Fit the Central Tail Grille to this location inside the Tail.

Both sides of this Grille are the same, it can be fitted either way:

Cover this Grille with the Central Tail Grille Frame, matching it to the three posts as shown. Then, secure the Frame to the Tail, capturing the Grille in place, with three (3) Type H screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on the threads of all screws going into metal parts:

Step 2

Firmly press the tab of the Left Reflector into this matching slot on the left side of the Tail, until flush as shown.

As far as I can tell, both of these Reflectors are exactly the same:

It is just important to note that the tab should go in straight and parallel to the front/back centerline of the Tail:

Step 3

In the same way, press the tab of the Right Reflector into this matching slot on the right side of the Tail, until flush as shown:


We’ve installed this type of Grille before, so nothing new there. But, I will say the Reflectors confused me for a bit. They looked like they had a specific way of going in, but turned out they were the same and it didn’t matter which side went to which.

Next Up

 Stage 83 – Exhaust Grilles/Frames, Taillight Brackets, Rear Spoiler Lever, Mobile Wing Bracket, Brackets

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