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“The circular shape of the LaFerrari’s rear lights harmonise perfectly with the like of the tail, fulfilling their function without compromising aesthetics.”





The Rear Lights

Step 1

Fully slide a Rear Light Body into a Rear Light Glass, aligning the grooves of the Body to the pins of the Glass as shown:

Repeat this process to create another identical Rear Light assembly:

Step 2

Retrieve your Tail assembly from the previous stage and set it down on a soft surface. Firmly press the exposed pins of the Light Glass into these matching holes of the Left Taillight Bracket.

Note this opening on the inside of each Light Body, this is the ‘bottom’ of the Rear Light assemblies:

Now, the instructions would have us press the Light Body pins into the Brackets while they are attached to the Tail. However, this is not what I did:

Instead, I removed the Taillight Brackets from the Tail so I could firmly press the pins of the Rear Glass into them. I feared the force needed to fully seat the lights into them would be a bit much for the plastic bracket and did not want to damage them during this step:

Then, I simply reinstalled the Bracket with the Rear Light attached:

In the same way, press fit the pins of the second Rear Light assembly to the matching holes of the Right Taillight Bracket, as shown.

Again, here I removed the Bracket, attached the second Rear Light, and then reinstalled the Bracket:

Step 3

Press one of the LEDs of the LED Cable through the large hole of the right Taillight Bracket and into the Rear Light Body, as shown:

Press the other LED of the LED Cable through the large hole of the left Taillight Bracket and into the other Rear Light Body, as shown.

The wiring of this LED Cable will be routed through the car and to the Circuit Board at a later time:


These recent stages have been having us add more character to our Tail assembly. The iconic round tail lights really add to the look!

Next Up

 Stage 85 – Exhaust Tailpipes, Safety Clips

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