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“In endothermic engines, the oil vapour recovery tank is used to collect the vapours and, through condensation, return the oil in suspension to circulation.”





The Oil Vapour Tank

Step 1

Press the pin of the Tank Cover into the matching post inside the Tank Top, orienting it as shown:

Then, press the D-shaped pin of the Tank Cap into the matching hole at this location of the Tank Top, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the hole in the rounded tab of the Dipstick Unit onto this pin of the Oil Vapour Recovery Tank A, orienting it as shown:

Press fit the Oil Vapour Recovery Tank B to the Tank A, matching the pins to the posts together as shown:

Next, press the pin of the Cap into the hole of this matching recess in Oil Vapour Recovery Tank B, as shown:

Step 3

Finally, press the two pins of the smaller Tank assembly (from Step 1) into the matching holes of Tank B as shown.

These pins are different sizes, so this should only fit correctly one way:


After the last stage, it was wonderful to assembly something simple and yet interesting!

Next Up

 Stage 88 – Cables, Inverter/Cover, Three-Pole Box Covers, Bi-Pole Box Cover, Brackets