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“Developed by Magneti Marelli for Ferrari, the revolutionary Hy-KERS system consists of two electric engines and a compact, lightweight coupled inverter that controls their operation.”





The Hy-KERS Inverter

NOTE: We will not need the two Brackets supplied this time – keep them safely stored until the stages of the next pack arrive:

Step 1

Press the two pins of the Inverter Cover into the internal posts of the Inverter, closing it up as shown:

Next, press the two pins of the Three-Pole Box Covers into the matching holes on this side of the Inverter, as shown.

These pins are different sizes, so this should only fit correctly one way:

Then, press the pin of the Bi-Pole Box Cover into the matching hole on this side of the Inverter, as shown:

Step 2

Insert the two shorter cables at this end of Cable 1 into these connections of the Bi-Pole Box Cover, and insert the longer cable at this same end of Cable 1 into the long tube connection of the Inverter, as shown.

If you fit the fitment of these cables loose, use a small drop of super glue to secure them in place:

Step 3

Fit the two pins at this ‘block’ end of Cable 2 into these holes of the Three-Pole Box Cover, as shown:


It seems we will have a lot of these orange cables running around our engine bay when this LaFerrari model is done!

Next Up

 Stage 89 – Left Intake Sleeve, Left Air Filter Box/Cover

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